Accenting with window coverings

Do your windows need new life and vitality? One way to help give your windows new excitement is to change the drapes or window coverings. They can contribute to giving your windows a new feel and look that you will love.

There are several things that you can do to help increase the satisfaction with your window coverings and windows.

1. Do one room at a time. It is a big temptation to try to decorate all of the rooms at once, rather than just do one until it is done, but try to resist that temptation. This can suck your creativity dry trying to do all of the rooms at one time. You want to keep the decorating and home repair easy and not overwhelming for you. By going slow, you can keep your creativity alive and make the process less overwhelming.

2. Consider your room’s needs. What size of room are you using choosing window coverings for? What is done in this room? Does the window coverings need to be flexible in their use? Do you need to be able to control the light or privacy? What size windows are in the room? Do they need to be longer, shorter, fatter? Do you want to add life to the room or do you want it to look cozy and warm? What is your budget for the drapes and window coverings for the room? All of these details will come together to dictate what window coverings will work best for your room’s needs and your functional needs.

3. Get ideas and inspiration for your window coverings. You can get ideas from many different sources, including books, magazines, websites, and friends and family member’s homes. No matter what the size or shape of your window, you are sure to find window coverings inspiration that you can use. This can enable you to get the inspiration to create your look for your windows and your home.

4. Choose your decorating plan. Considering your needs, make a list of the most important needs that you have to ensure that you will choose window coverings that will satisfy your needs and your function.

5. Cover your windows in stages. If you are not certain about your window covering choices, then cover your windows in stages. You can first install shutters, shades, or blinds for function and then later, add curtains, drapes, sheers, and more to make the most of your decorating style. Then you are ready to begin adding embellishments and finishing touches, including curtain rods, tiebacks, and more to create the perfect look that you want and need.

Give your windows an entirely new look and feel by finding inspiration in magazines, on websites, and in books. This simple home repair can give you the inspiration that you need to add life and vitality to your room and home. No matter what your budget, you are sure to find drapes or window coverings to fit your style, your budget, and your personality. This can make your home feel more comfortable and welcome each and every day.

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Tips for choosing the best flooring and/or floor coverings



Flooring is an important aspect of your home decoration. The process of flooring involves the installation of a finished material to the floor so as to have a smooth walking surface. Various factors exist that one should consider when choosing the best flooring and/or floor coverings. There are so many different materials, colors, styles, and finishes that you can choose from, however making the right choice can be quite a daunting task. In choosing the best flooring for your house, it is important that you consider the following.


The location of your house is an important aspect to consider before choosing flooring for your home. For instance, if you live in a place where its warm and humid, it is important that you choose a flooring material like marble or stone that will not be easily affected by rot or moisture. However, if you live in cool climates, it is good that you install a carpet or natural hardwood floors or cork floors which match this condition.


Your home reflects your tastes and lifestyles. Different flooring designs and covers fit different styles and tastes and range from more traditional looks to the contemporary designs. Traditional hardwoods are a great match for any interior decorating idea. If you desire a more traditional look, then newer materials such as bamboo laminate flooring, bamboo wood flooring or laminate hardwood floors are the perfect match for you. If you want cheaper flooring option, the clean laminated floor is also a perfect match this is because you do not need any excessive scrubbing and cleansers.

Underlayment &Subflooring

To ensure that you choose the best flooring for your home, it is also important to check the foundation of the house- sub-floors and underlayment. These two aspects are the determining factor in the longevity of any flooring. The underlayments for soft flooring materials like natural cork flooring or carpet are much different from the underlayment for hard surfaces for hard surfaces such as hardwood or bamboo. So be sure to inspect the underlayment/sub-floor of your house so that you can acquire a perfect flooring or floor covers for your home.


It is always good to stay within your budget but at the same time to get the best quality of the products you purchase. Additionally, to ensure that you buy the best flooring material for your house regardless of the budget strain, it is good to consider doing flooring shopping at discounters or wholesalers. Their products are sold in bulk, and you will save much money when you purchase in bulk. Remember that low quality, in the long run, will result in you to end up spending more money on repairs later. Also, consider doing your homework and learn about flooring before visiting your home improvement store or hardware store in your locality.


To sum it up, choosing the best flooring or floor cover for your home not only boosts the aesthetic of your house but also save you money that can be incurred from repairs caused by bad flooring.



In-floor heating? Who doesn’t dream of that on a cold winter’s morning?! Check out the video below to see more about this incredible idea!


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Choosing Interior Paint Colors

In a perfect universe, it is possible for one to hire an expensive and established interior decorator to drop by and assess your home and pick the colors that would be ideal for you. They will go ahead and choose for you the colors that match with your curtains, kitchen tiles, rugs and other items giving your house a gracious feeling.

Unfortunately, interior designers or decorators can charge us a leg and an arm for their professional services. This is why it is essential that you learn the tidbits involved in choosing interior paint colors. The process will even be easier if you already know what you want. Let’s have a look at how one can go about choosing the ideal interior colors.

Don’t rush into selecting a paint color

There are literally thousands of interior paint colors out there and it’s very easy to get confused on what color will coordinate well with your household items. Choosing colors randomly without keenness will make your home look like a clown’s residence. The first thing you need to do is collect some paint chips from a local paint store or hardware. Once at your place, hold each chip against the walls, curtains, windows, furniture and other items to see the color that best matches with them.

Have a custom color

If you can’t find the right paint color that you love or that matches your house accessories, you can have a custom color made for you. Carry a painting or a fabric to your local paint store and request them to make for you a paint color that matches it. At times, this may cost you a bit more but it’s worth it if you want your house to take the style you like.

Choose a color that does not get gloomy under light

Well, you may like a particular color but if it gets dull or gloomy under your homes light, then perhaps you should consider choosing a different color. Light affects each color differently. It is always wise to get sample colors, hang them on your wall and see how each is affected by your home’s natural or artificial light before you make a choice.

Psychological effects

Colors have a strong psychological impact on us. If you want your room to look brighter and larger, use light colors such as white or yellow. On the other hand, if you want it to look smaller, you should consider using dark colors. Orange, yellow and red can make your room look inviting while purple, green and blue will give it a soothing and relaxing feeling. Choosing interior paint colors should not scare anybody; after all, if you don’t like it, you can have it removed.

Pick a neutral color as your final resort

Well, there are people who are not just good with colors and can easily end up going for colors that look ridiculous in their home. If you belong to this group or you just don’t cherish too bright or dark, a neutral color will suffice. A neutral color gives your house a warmer tone and is suitable in showing off portraits, artwork and other forms of wall accessories.

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The Importance of Good Lighting

The Importance of Good Lighting; How To Achieve The Desired Effect

One of the top priorities of the interior home design is the lighting. Proper lighting helps to brighten the house, highlight the target décor, and even define the room’s personality. A well-lit home tends to be more welcoming than a dull one.

When you are thinking about the lighting options in your house, it is always recommended to consider the top factors so as to achieve an appealing space. Keeping that in mind, here is a look at the importance of good lighting and how to achieve the desired effect.

• Use different lamp shades

Ideally, use lamp shades in your house, which should supply enough light when it gets dark. The living room is the main meeting point of the entire family. The light should not be too bright, neither should it be too dim. Using different shades also helps you achieve the effect you prefer. With the shades, they play the role of supplying light and also act as décor options.

• Determine the color temperature

When choosing bulbs to use in your home, you will have to decide on the color temperature you prefer. The color temperature will depend on your desired effect. Decide if you need a warm and yellowish theme or if you want to go for the cool and bluish theme. Modern homes blend well with cool temperature lighting.

• Employ natural lighting

Natural light is inviting and adequate in rooms that you mostly use during the day. Such as the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Some homeowners even add or enlarge fenestrations in the room. This way, more light can flow in the room and reduce the need for artificial light. Before you enlarge or add the fenestrations, always ensure that you check with the building codes of your local area.

Another way of utilizing the natural light is by exposing your rooms. You can do this by adding windows that face the side where more light comes from.

• Enhance the light

If you already have a window in your house, and it is challenging to enlarge it, you can apply strategies to amplify the light that flows in. For instance, you can paint your walls white, or hang some mirrors on the walls. This helps to reflect the light around the room and make it bright enough. When you are looking for the best paint to play this role, ask about the LRV, light reflectance value.

• Include recessed lighting

You might have utilized the natural light to the fullest, but some areas around the room might still be dark. This happens around corners on the floor or near the ceiling. The recessed light fixtures normally flash light on the floor, then the light spreads all around the unlit areas. You can either go for the low-voltage bulbs or the halogen MR16 bulbs, depending on your budget.

As you utilize the natural light to spread around your house, you can also use other fixtures that will add some elegance to the rooms. Such fixtures like lamp shades should match your personality and the theme of the room. The main aim of employing natural light in the house is to avoid using artificial lights and save energy bills. All in all, keep in mind that some rooms like the bedroom are best lit with dim lights.


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For more ideas on lighting, and great visual examples, enjoy the video below!

Make Your Home A Happy Place With The Right Decor


If you are lucky enough to have shelter, then stop everything for a minute and thank God for that luxury, because millions in this world do not have a shelter over their head. Your home no matter how big or small it is, it’s your space, your territory where most of your universe belongs. Irrespective of the fact that whether you live alone or with your family, whether you have kids or not, whether you are being able to meet ends and get your work done on time, the home is where you come back to for your solace. It is a place which gives you the much needed rejuvenation and boost after a grueling, tiring, mundane day. So, the least you can do is keep it nice and clean all the time. After a long, hard, day at work, nobody really wants to come back to a cluttered home, complete with ruffled bed, dirty dishes, filthy toilet, unorganized wardrobe etc. It is necessary that you take time off of your daily schedule to do some much need cleaning to keep your home prim and proper. The feeling of coming back to a clean, well-organized home is surreal; it not only pleases the eyes, but channels the thoughts even better making you a productive person.

Affordable and easy ways to spruce up a rented home

In case you are living in a rented home with a hand-to-mouth existence, finding it difficult to meet ends, then the last thing you would want is to spend money on buying new furniture and redecorating your home. Well, there are many ways in which you can improve the look of your house without spending all of your savings on it. Small changes sometimes can make a huge difference just by changing up things like curtains, blankets, table clothes, beddings, etc. you can give your house a much needed face life.

Improve the look of your house on a budget

* When on a budget, try to spruce up the look of your home instead of spending extra cash on new furniture. Try and invest in a good painting which can brighten the wall of your bedroom, it will add some zing to the overall appearance.

* Invest in good quality bright curtains. Curtains add much needed embellishment to the home, so make sure to buy something which will make your house look beautiful and will sit in sync with the rest of the surroundings.

* Bright blankets make your bathrooms look absolutely stunning. Get hold of something which matches with the rest of the bedding, but has a standout quality.

* In case you have a center table or dining room, then spend money on table clothes. These look extremely classy and provide a vintage touch to the look. There is a huge variety to choose from so be sure to buy something which will harmoniously synchronies with the rest of the surroundings.

One way to safely decrease the expense involved in adding on to your home is by utilizing the homes existing floor plan. Another option is to utilize an existing space for the additional room such as a basement or attic. Understand that with any change comes some inconvenience. Whether you move or choose to add on to an additional home get ready to be flexible and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

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We’ll be finished setting everything up very soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this video – it gives some great ideas on how you can make your home look amazing – even if you rent rather than own your home!