The Importance of Good Lighting

The Importance of Good Lighting; How To Achieve The Desired Effect

One of the top priorities of the interior home design is the lighting. Proper lighting helps to brighten the house, highlight the target décor, and even define the room’s personality. A well-lit home tends to be more welcoming than a dull one.

When you are thinking about the lighting options in your house, it is always recommended to consider the top factors so as to achieve an appealing space. Keeping that in mind, here is a look at the importance of good lighting and how to achieve the desired effect.

• Use different lamp shades

Ideally, use lamp shades in your house, which should supply enough light when it gets dark. The living room is the main meeting point of the entire family. The light should not be too bright, neither should it be too dim. Using different shades also helps you achieve the effect you prefer. With the shades, they play the role of supplying light and also act as décor options.

• Determine the color temperature

When choosing bulbs to use in your home, you will have to decide on the color temperature you prefer. The color temperature will depend on your desired effect. Decide if you need a warm and yellowish theme or if you want to go for the cool and bluish theme. Modern homes blend well with cool temperature lighting.

• Employ natural lighting

Natural light is inviting and adequate in rooms that you mostly use during the day. Such as the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Some homeowners even add or enlarge fenestrations in the room. This way, more light can flow in the room and reduce the need for artificial light. Before you enlarge or add the fenestrations, always ensure that you check with the building codes of your local area.

Another way of utilizing the natural light is by exposing your rooms. You can do this by adding windows that face the side where more light comes from.

• Enhance the light

If you already have a window in your house, and it is challenging to enlarge it, you can apply strategies to amplify the light that flows in. For instance, you can paint your walls white, or hang some mirrors on the walls. This helps to reflect the light around the room and make it bright enough. When you are looking for the best paint to play this role, ask about the LRV, light reflectance value.

• Include recessed lighting

You might have utilized the natural light to the fullest, but some areas around the room might still be dark. This happens around corners on the floor or near the ceiling. The recessed light fixtures normally flash light on the floor, then the light spreads all around the unlit areas. You can either go for the low-voltage bulbs or the halogen MR16 bulbs, depending on your budget.

As you utilize the natural light to spread around your house, you can also use other fixtures that will add some elegance to the rooms. Such fixtures like lamp shades should match your personality and the theme of the room. The main aim of employing natural light in the house is to avoid using artificial lights and save energy bills. All in all, keep in mind that some rooms like the bedroom are best lit with dim lights.


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