Choosing Interior Paint Colors

In a perfect universe, it is possible for one to hire an expensive and established interior decorator to drop by and assess your home and pick the colors that would be ideal for you. They will go ahead and choose for you the colors that match with your curtains, kitchen tiles, rugs and other items giving your house a gracious feeling.

Unfortunately, interior designers or decorators can charge us a leg and an arm for their professional services. This is why it is essential that you learn the tidbits involved in choosing interior paint colors. The process will even be easier if you already know what you want. Let’s have a look at how one can go about choosing the ideal interior colors.

Don’t rush into selecting a paint color

There are literally thousands of interior paint colors out there and it’s very easy to get confused on what color will coordinate well with your household items. Choosing colors randomly without keenness will make your home look like a clown’s residence. The first thing you need to do is collect some paint chips from a local paint store or hardware. Once at your place, hold each chip against the walls, curtains, windows, furniture and other items to see the color that best matches with them.

Have a custom color

If you can’t find the right paint color that you love or that matches your house accessories, you can have a custom color made for you. Carry a painting or a fabric to your local paint store and request them to make for you a paint color that matches it. At times, this may cost you a bit more but it’s worth it if you want your house to take the style you like.

Choose a color that does not get gloomy under light

Well, you may like a particular color but if it gets dull or gloomy under your homes light, then perhaps you should consider choosing a different color. Light affects each color differently. It is always wise to get sample colors, hang them on your wall and see how each is affected by your home’s natural or artificial light before you make a choice.

Psychological effects

Colors have a strong psychological impact on us. If you want your room to look brighter and larger, use light colors such as white or yellow. On the other hand, if you want it to look smaller, you should consider using dark colors. Orange, yellow and red can make your room look inviting while purple, green and blue will give it a soothing and relaxing feeling. Choosing interior paint colors should not scare anybody; after all, if you don’t like it, you can have it removed.

Pick a neutral color as your final resort

Well, there are people who are not just good with colors and can easily end up going for colors that look ridiculous in their home. If you belong to this group or you just don’t cherish too bright or dark, a neutral color will suffice. A neutral color gives your house a warmer tone and is suitable in showing off portraits, artwork and other forms of wall accessories.

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